A general statement of the Rules for TeamSpeak 3 a Discord

  1. You cant have nick infringing rules.
  2. Dont use vulgar or inappropriately speaking.
  3. Dont be rasist.
  4. Dont promotion nacism, fascism or another -ism.
  5. Dont promote other Ip, webs or short cuts.
  6. Dont share pictures, videos with porn subtext.
  7. Dont harassment in another rooms or spamming chat, mic.
  8. Dont go in private rooms, if admin dont want you in his room.
  9. Dont a buse option "COMPLAIN".
  10. Dont steal nicks.
  11. Dont ask about being admin etc. Our server admin will pick up admins.
  12. Donst ask about VIP or active ts3 account.
  13. Dont sent jumpscares pictures, videos or gifs.
  14. Dont change your voice [You are not funny].
  15. Every user can have 4 icons of his mostly playing games.

  16. Compliance rules is important when you non-compliance you will be punished, dont take it easy thanks.

    Lást Edit 1.2.2021